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First Meeting Round Up!


There was some great discussion and eats to be had. We enjoyed the brunchluck and started in on demos. We covered a lot of ground and thanks to Kate bringing in her dress pattern to work on, we went over the parts of a pattern and how to make darts.

We had some great instructions drawn up by Frau Fiber to get us started threading our needles and getting our buttons sewn back on.

We covered mending techniques: Mending holes with patches



Busted seams:


holes in sweater fabric:


Button sewing:


And how to sew up stretched out button holes (I know I’m happy to have my favorite sweater back in working order!)


This first meeting was such a great success. We brain stormed for future meetings and had a great time in general.

Next time we are going to take some of our favorite beat up shirts, take them apart the rest of the way, and draft up a pattern for them so we can make more + some great tote patterns provided by Frau Fiber!

I’ll post again soon about the upcoming meeting with more details! See you then!



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Beat the Pavement :: Spread the Word!

Our first Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion will be Sunday, January 11th from noon to 4pm.

We need your help to spread the word!

Fliers are now available on the download page so you can download, print, and pass on the news!


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