July 12th Sewing Rebellion Meeting

Hi all and happy summer making! This month we are focusing on upcoming plan and projects and prospects. There has been a lot of interest in expanding our local chapter into areas other than sewing. This Sunday we are going to make and mend and talk a bit about what we all want for our local group.

Bring: a project to work on, a project (or neat book or whatever you are excited about) to show off, and a sack lunch. I will be mending and knitting and bring a few interesting books I’ve come across lately. I want to encourage a bit of a show and tell this meeting. What have you been working on at home? what are you excited about? what have you been writing, playing, reading, making?

Questions: on any sewing, crochet, knitting, weaving, drawing, or painting project bring it along.  All members have their own areas of expertise; we will all work together to help find a solution for your project.

When and Where: Sunday, July 12th – Noon to 4pm – stop by anytime, we are so okay with dropping in when you can to say hi. The Ames Progressive – located at 118 Hayward Avenue, Suite #3 in Ames, in the same building as The Ark Pet Shop, Domino’s Pizza, Nite Owl Printing and Scallion Korean Restaurant (just go around back, or take the side entrance and follow the hallway)

See you there!


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