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Changing Outfits :: Ames

I finally made the decision to make the change over from the Sewing Rebellion to Ames (ames collaborative art). You can read all about it here on the Ames website as well as see new upcoming events.

We are still having free workshops (or suggested donation only events) at the ames progressive, but we are now having events all around town. Make sure to check the calendar page of the website often or to sign up for the newsletter to hear all about it.

We have two events this Sunday: Community Art Discussion Group fromĀ  1-2 and then from 2-4 a Codex Book Binding Workshop at the Ames Progressive. RSVP (optional) on


I’m working on changing out fliers, so if you see them, please pick them up and use them for scrap paper. Or even better, print out some ames fliers and swap them with the SR fliers!


You can follow ames on Twitter, Flickr, and become an Ames Art Worker on

And, of course, we have some sewing workshops in the works, so don’t worry, all your mending and sewing needs will still be taken care of :)

See you on Sunday!
Kristin Roach


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